“If 90 school buses filled with kindergartners were to crash every day, with no survivors, the world would take notice. But the same impact as this is precisely what happens every single day because of poor water, sanitation and hygiene.”      Source: Unicef

It is virtually impossible for most of us to appreciate what this is actually saying.  But for close to 1 billion people in the world it is life, it is what they live every day.

Please consider the plight of the poor and their need for clean water, consider donating to our water projects so that together we can keep at least one more bus from crashing.

These pics come to us from an organization called “Christ Mission” whom are helping the poor in South Sudan.  It is our hope to be able to help them in their work in the southern regions of Kenya.

woman collecting water in a pond

Sudan woman

girls fetching water from a river