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Calvary African Ministries (CAM) is a Christian relief organization based in Rwanda & DRC.  It is affiliated with The Way Church located in Skien Norway.  CAM works to support development for the marginalized Twaa people in rural Rwanda.

Current water conditions for this large population are dangerous and locals are threatened with illnesses such as diarrhea and cholera.

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Project Status:

This project has yet to receive funding.

Estimated Cost:

3 wells at $7,500 each



In the eastern province of Gatisbo (highlighted in pink) there are 4 primary areas in which we hope to assist with clean water sources.

Nyagihanga Sector: 30,381 Population, Gasange Sector: 28,988 Population, Kiramuruzi Sector: 31,712 Population, Gitoki Sector: 26,806 Population.

These sectors are  in  high emergency need now and are in critical situations as often they journey 15 to 17 kilometers to find water.  It is often up to the women and children to do this work and it is understood that some of the girls and women are abused on this long journey.