Here is another community in Ghana that the Higher Life team is wanting to help.  The community is called Doboro and is situated approximately 1.5 hours out of the capital city Accra.  Although this community has a hand dug well this community suffers as the well is usually dried up and simply cant supply the locals properly.  As a result the only solution they have is to go to an open water source that is located a short distance from the homes.  The problem is that this local source is very contaminated and any hopes of finding clean water close to this community is near impossible.

Our hope is with your help we will be able to drill a deep borehole well near the community center.

Here are some pics we took while visiting these fine Doboro people.

Doboro 3

The existing local hand dug well

Doboro 4

Community picture

Doboro 2

Alternative water source for the community

Doboro 1

Another pic of the water source

Doboro 6

Some of the fine good looking men of Doboro along with Prosper Tagoe (in yellow) President of Higher Life Outreach Mission