Can You Help Us?

Will you partner with us to provide clean water to Dong Village, currently we have a portion of the finances needed to drill a well for this village.  If you are interested in helping the people of Dong Village please let us know as we would like to support them as soon as possible.

Here are some pictures and information on this community:

Dong Village

Total population is approximately 2000  –  The main activity of the residents is peasant farming and pasturing cattle.  –  The incomes for the residents of Dong is very low, Rev Garang with “Christ Mission to the World” estimates it to be USD 300 per household per year.  –  The water-borne diseases that have affected people in the area because of drinking contaminated water are cholera, typhoid and dysentery.

There is no school and classes are conducted under trees but still the problem of absenteeism is very prevalent. The girl children are the most affected because at times they have to miss school in order to do households chores like fetching water.

The drilling of a borehole well in this village will have a positive impact in the physical and spiritual well being of the community. The borehole will be drilled within the local “Christ Mission to the World” church compound.  It will also be a means to show Godly kindness to the villagers from the pastor of the local church.

* Attached are some pictures showing the condition of the local Dong Village water source.

Rev Garang (blue shirt in middle) with local Dong Village residents


Viewing water source with young girl


Young girl fetching water for her family


Both people and animals collect water here


Due to animals in this area feces sometime falls into the holes where the resident collect from


Method of collecting


Locals with Rev Garang collecting water

Well Maintenance:

After the borehole has been drilled, borehole management committees will be formed to oversee the use of the boreholes. The management committees will be composed of a church leader, youth leader, women leaders and a village elder. The committee will ensure that the households using the boreholes contribute a small monthly fee that will be used for maintenance of the boreholes in case of breakdown. The borehole water will still be free for all and no one will be denied from drawing water from the boreholes because of not paying the monthly fee