Over the years we have been asking ourselves “what is it that actually makes us different than other water charities” and i guess you could say our new slogan kind of says it all.


This is what we do:


We come to schools and teach about the world water crisis and how men, women and children are being affected by this devastating crisis.



Then we present to the class opportunities to do something about it, we actually can pick a specific village that is in need and allow the kids to see the people in that village, learn about their lives and give the class an opportunity to impact that exact village.



By the class doing just a 7 to 10 day fundraiser they will have been part of something that just might go down as one of the most important things they will ever do.  Besides the air we need to breathe water is the most basic necessity to all of mankind and by giving a community a clean source of that, well i just don’t think most of us here in North America can even come close to appreciating what that actually means.

Educate, Participate, Elevate!