Step 2

– how you do it


There are many ways classrooms can get involved in helping those who lack access to clean water in our world.  After learning about the facts, students participate and raise funds to help bring change through their own unique fund-raiser, or by using one of our ideas.   We will work with you to help students “participate” in bringing change.



Drink water to give water.  This fundraiser gives students the experience of what it means to lack drinking options.  Students collect pledges and commit to give up all beverages except tap water for a set period of time.   Not only are funds raised to implement change overseas, but students gain insight from making a “sacrifice” to help others, while gaining an appreciation for the choice of beverages most of us take for granted every single day.



Toonies4Toilets is a simple fund-raiser that does exactly what the name describes.  Toonies are collected towards building toilets for a community.  Collection cans for the classroom can be designed by students, or put together with the templates that we provide.



SOAKED is a fundraiser that gets the teachers involved on a hot sunny day at school.  Students from the school pay for the privilege of throwing a soaked sponge at a well prepared teacher, principal or special guest.   Kids seem to really like this one for some reason!


SOS Banquet

Our Stuffed or Starved (SOS) banquets are an amazing way to experience our world’s food and population distribution.  The experience leaves participants with an appreciation for food variety, amount of food,  population and land mass distribution, and access to clean water.  This is an experience that will really help students understand just how good we have it here in North America.

All the details on these fundraisers are on the “Fundraising Page” but please call or email us anytime if you need more information.