Well it has been over a year since we visited the Senya Secondary School and were shown the needs for a water well and new latrine.  I remember sitting down with the HLOM team and school faculty and at the time being so impressed with the headmistress and her staff.  Together we walked through the school compound and watched the kids doing their typical school activities and I remember at the time thinking to myself that these are the future leaders of Ghana.

As we were shown the water and sanitation needs we quickly understood that these were indeed very important requests and we assured them that we would do our best to support their school as best we can.  When we got back home to Canada we started with what we thought was the most important request and that was for a water source for the boys dorm area.





We were happy to see that the drilling team found a good aquifer and soon after the pump was set and above ground infrastructure completed.  This indeed was going to be a big help in allowing the boys of the school to focus more on their studies than having to trek the long somewhat dangerous trail to the other water source.

We then turned our attention to the next need the school requested and that was for  proper sanitation for the 600 + girls who were there.  The current latrine they were using at the time was old and falling apart and we since learned that it eventually became to dangerous to use as it was starting to cave in so another temporary facility was built.

Senya old latrine 2

Senya old latrine 1

So we started going to schools and churches in Northern Alberta to see how we could get the kids in Canada involved in helping the kids in Ghana, we started a fundraiser called “Toonies for Toilets” and after a while as each child brought in their money we eventually had enough to send to the HLOM team for the new toilets for the school.


Toonies for Toilets

Toonies for Toilets 2 Toonies for Toilets 3

We are very happy now to see some progress reports on this last project for the school, we know that this will make a difference for the children of Senya Secondary and we certainly appreciate all of you who put work into this very worthwhile project.  Thank you to the teachers here in Canada who allowed us to talk to your students about world water and sanitation issues and thank you to all you churches and sunday school teachers who presented our project to your classes.  And an especially large thank you to you children who skillfully worked so hard at making the fundraising cans and took those home to fill them up with toonies, without every one of your efforts this would have not been possible.

As of today this project is totally completed and has been handed over to the school for use, here are a few pics of the process







Senya new toilet 1

Senya new toilet 2Senya new toilet 3Senya new toilet 4

Thank you Mr Amoah, Senya Secondary headmistress and staff and thank you so much Prosper Tagoe and HLOM team, we will continue to stand with you as partners of a better tomorrow for you and the children of Ghana



Senya school staff anf Higher Life Outreach Mission