We are happy to announce that funding has finally been raised and forwarded to the HLOM team in Ghana to commence water well work for the Senya Secondary School in Ghana.

When we visited the fine Senya School earlier this year we were told of the need for a water source for the boys dorm.  We walked the trail that the boys had to take every day to find water and we knew that this was not acceptable for this school.

We are now very please that the HLOM team has the resources to fulfill our promise to the talented headmistress and her amazing Senya Secondary School team.

*Next work for the school will be a latrine facility for the girls 

Progress reports on the well will start soon. . .

senya-3Finally getting to the boys dorm area, it is approximately 500 meters on a winding trail.

senya-2The main boys dorm building, each room has many beds in it and accommodates a lot of students.  The dorms are used for youth who live far away and would otherwise not be able to attend school.

senya-1Prosper (yellow) and Teddy (blue) with HLOM, a local student (white) and Allison Clarke

senya-4Now this is an ANT HILL!  One of many on our trail back to the school.