Well LWF members were very humbled to be in the presence of the Headmistress and leadership staff at the Senya Senior High School when we visited back a couple months ago.  It was very clear that this lady and her staff were most excellent at their jobs and their dedication to the children was front and center.

One of the key leaders of HLOM has been connected to this school for some time now and we were invited to meet with the school to see some needs that we might be able to help with.

The areas that we are hoping to assist this 1200 student senior high school are:

1) New borehole well for the boys dorm facility – currently the boys are spending much of their day walking the long trek to the school water source (the boys dorm is a long distance from the school)

2) New Latrine for the girls dorm facility – currently the girls only have a squatty facility and due to the amount of students this is not acceptable.

Below are some pics of the school leaders and school



School property grounds



School buildings



Admin building



Girls latrine



Girls latrine



Walking towards the boys dorm building, approx 500 meter walk from the rest of the school buildings



Headmistress and school leadership team along with HLOM team members and a youth from LWF