We are happy to report that the Senya School borehole well project is now complete!

Through your financial support of “Pony Power” and other campaigns along with the good work of Higher Life Outreach Mission (HLOM) the boys at Senya Secondary School now have an adequate water supply.

Here are a few pics of the final progress


Materials to complete the pump setting and above ground plumbing to cistern



Pump ready to be set into place into the borehole well casing



Pump now set into the borehole well and plumbed to the surface.  Teddy (HLOM Project Engineer) makes sure everything is done to the highest standard, well done Teddy!!



Some of the students helping dig a trench that the line sits in



Well line getting plumbed to cistern



Project complete and now the young lads at Senya Secondary have water 🙂



The assistant headmaster shows his appreciation for the work that has been donated to the school from HLOM president Prosper Tagoe and team as well LWF