We received word this morning that the Senya School project in Ghana West Africa has struck water!

Now that this critical first stage has been completed the HLOM team will be able to move on to the next stage which will be setting the pump, masonry work for the cistern platform and then digging and setting the lines from the well to the tank.

We look forward to Prosper Tagoe’s (HLOM President) reports of his teams work for the remainder of this project.

Pics of progress thus far:


Members of HLOM and Senya Secondary School staff posing in front of the drill.



Down many meters but no water yet



Still nothing, please God let them find water



From Pastor Prospers words himself “Praise God, first sight of water”



More water gushes out



Setting the 6 inch casing

Cant wait to see the next report from the HLOM team, great work guys!!