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Our purpose

Over the years when travelling overseas for humanitarian work, I found that more times than not, the perfect people for the job were the ones already living as part of the community and culture.  Often I found that all that those highly skilled individuals required was a little hand up, maybe some technical expertise or some simple funding.   With that assistance, they were able to make quite a difference in the problems their people were facing.


Our past

Since 2010 we have been working with such individuals and, along with our partner volunteers overseas, we have been doing some amazing things.  Our focus is water and water-related issues because we here at LWF believe that “it all starts with water”.

We have also found that there is often a huge disconnect between people in North America and the water crisis that affects close to 1 billion people in the developing world.   People either have not heard the information about the

With these factors in mind, we have decided to reach out to students through education.  Our goal is to help bring awareness of this crisis, create an appreciation for clean and abundant water that we often take for granted, and to motivate students to participate in bringing about positive change.


Our stewardship

LWF and our overseas partners work on almost a complete volunteer basis.  There is however the need for some financial resources to pay for administration, promotion and project management costs but we are happy to say that those costs are covered by monthly donations that come I from corporate sponsors, churches and super generous individuals.  We that said, we are extremely excited to say that 100% of all school fundraising goes directly to the projects!


A very modest 6.92% is used for Bridges of Hope accounting and LWF administrative work.  2.38% goes towards educational promotion campaigns we run at schools and  2.72% to project management for each project.  From each year to the next these costs kind of stay fairly similar.

2017 financial dispersal breakdown



Along with our own many years experience and expertise in the water industry here in Canada we are members of the CWQA (Canadian Water Quality Association)  and we use CWQA volunteer member professionals to assist us with technical information and support.  This can sometimes go a long way to saving valuable resources.


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