We are happy to announce that the first water well rehab project is now complete!

Wunliet Village now has clean water again and it’s thanks to you!  For over 2 years this well that was drilled by UNICEF has not worked due to failed internal components that the local village did not have the resources nor know how of how to fix.   Here’s a few photos of the work being done by Rev Garang’s contracted staff – supported by people like you 🙂

Well rehab 3

Old pipe being removed from borehole


Well rehab 4


Well rehab 5


Well rehab 2

Old foot valve with failed seals


Well rehab 6

New foot valve


Well rehab 7

Inserting pipe

Well rehab 8

Even the kids get to help


Well rehab 9

Water being pumped out for the first time in over 2 years


Here’s a picture of a typical hand pump lower foot valve assembly.  It is hard to believe that such a small component can be the difference between “get to go to school” and “can’t go to school”, between healthy life or sick life, between life and death.

Well rehab 1

There are many reasons why a water well will stop working and a failed foot valve can be one of them.  When the Christ Mission team rehabs a water well all interior components are replaced with new ones and important components in the hand pump itself are inspected, fixed or replaced if necessary.  Depending on the type of water it is pumping, amount of use it goes through in a day etc a typical water well will function for approximately 5 years.  But because we are working with mechanical mechanisms here sometimes you just don’t know when it might stop working, that’s why it’s important to have a local NGO (in this case Christ Mission) on the ground and in the area to report when a well is failing.   As mentioned earlier many of the wells we are currently fixing were drill by UNICEF but honestly we don’t care who drilled the wells, we just need to step in and help the villages that are now out of a clean water option.

Thanks to you we were able to help this village take a small step forward and we are truly excited to see more wells like this one become a step forward for other villages in South Sudan.

Thank you to all of you who are supporting our “Well Rehab” work.   Please continue to give to these projects as it truly is a matter of life and death.