Brainstorm for ideas

Get Creative!


Students can come up with some crazy ideas!  Have fun brainstorming and see what you can do.

Select idea(s)

Narrow down your list of ideas and pick one – or a few- to put into action.  Start planning and promoting your event(s).

Work together!

Put your plans into action, knowing that your efforts will truely make a difference in the lives of others.  Keep the FUN in fund raising!

Below are a few ideas to get you started.  Send us yours to add to the list!


Get Soaked

Toonies 4 Toilets

SOS Banquet

Bake sale

Cake walk  – “Walking for water is no cake walk”

Walk for water – get pledges to walk carrying water

Art auction / sale

Silent auction

Food / beverage sale


Water fight

Garage sale

Fun run


Local business donations

Water fight

Some type of “a-thon”

Talent show