Stuffed or Starved?

This banquet is literally what the title suggests – participants can leave the event either stuffed or “starved”.  This unique event puts experience to the statistics:

60% of the population lives on 30% of the world’s land mass

5% of the population gets 16% of the food distribution

When participants come, they are proportionately and randomly allocated to a continent , share their porportion of land mass, and eat from their statistical proportion of food distribution.   The inequity of world food distribution is painfully obvious as the majority of the participants eat their simple small portions while watching a few lucky ones be served more food than they can eat.  This event is a great experience and discussion starter for valuable lessons.

Gather your team

It takes a team to host this event, so gather a group of volunteers and make a difference!

Plan the event

Plan your venue, select your day, pick some recipes, and promote the event.

Host your event

Host your event and give participants and volunteers an evening they won’t forget!

North America