The very first step

It All Begins with Water

Without access to clean water, 778 billion people have no hope of health, education or success.  But when we work together to give them a hand, we give them the opportunity to hope for a better tomorrow.

Provide HELP
When we can help provide this very basic necessity, we offer help to those who need it most.
Promote HEALTH
With clean water for drinking, sanitation and hygiene, everyone in the community is healthier.
When a child is healthy, and not spending hours collecting water, they are free to attend school.
Give HOPE!
With water, we give everyone the opportunity to hope and dream for their futures.
With your fund raising

How We Help

Working with local partners who are already working to benefit their communities, we come alongside and help with their water issues.  We have helped by drilling new borehole wells, repairing existing borehole or hand pump wells, or by helping to build proper washroom facilities.  By using the knowledge and skills of local individuals, we are best able to help without taking away their dignity or jobs.  Project managers hire local workers, further contributing positively to the economy.