Put knowledge into action

“to learn and not to do is really not to learn.  To know and not to do is really not to know.”                       Stephen R. Covey

Authentic learning
Positive action
Collective effort
Foster compassion
hands together
Help bring hope

You Can Make a Difference!

With the knowledge that the statistics regarding water issues are so huge, it can feel like it’s impossible to make a difference.  By putting their efforts together in a fund-raiser, students learn that by working together, change can happen, and it doesn’t have to require heroic-like effort.

And fundraising can be fun!

Let students brainstorm for ideas or use one of ours, and get to work!

Ways to Participate

Get Creative!
Do some brainstorming and put the FUN into fundraising!
A short commitment to drink water to give water.
Working together to build toilets - one toonie at a time!
A contrast of playing with water to provide water - what fun!
SOS banquet
Stuffed or Starved - bringing experience to the stats.
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