New year, new hope!

New year, new hope!

Four more villages in the Kadapa District in Andhra Pradesh India have functioning wells again, thanks to your generous support!

Bhadripalli Dalit Colony

This community of approximately 985 people have a water tank, but most of the time it is empty due to continuous power cuts.  The water is supplied to the tank only once a week, so the community is often faced with water scarcity.  The original well was drilled in 2007 but stopped working in June 2021.  But now the well has been repaired and the new year can bring new hope!

Sreeramulapeta Village

The well drilled in 2009 by the local government stopped working in January ’22 and had not yet been repaired.  The villagers had to walk almost 3 km to use this agricultural bore well, using up valuable time every single day.  We are thrilled that we could return these hours to them!

Miduthuru Village

Also drilled in 2009, this well stopped working in 2021.  Collecting water from this open pond over 3 km away not only cost time, but cost health due to water borne diseases from an open water source.  We have repaired the well, and the local nurse instructed in hygiene education and soap hand washing training, to maximize on the benefits of having clean, accessible water.

Sannapalle Village

Drilled by an NGO in 2008 who is no longer active in this district, when this well stopped working in October 2021, it was not repaired.   Through our partnership with the Rural Development Society, we have been able to step in and provide the necessary repairs.