Akuac Waa Village

Akuac Waa Village

Thank you to Mount Pleasant School in Edmonton – your efforts have provided the community of Akuac Wau with clean water again! 

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Students at Mount Pleasant school raised funds through collecting bottles and ran a used clothing drive and their efforts have literally made a world of difference.  

Akuac Wau Village is in the Aweil East state in South Sudan and has a population of about 1100 people in 180 households.  The borehole well in the village was broken down and needed new parts for repairs.  Unable to get water in their village, they would use dangerous water from nearby shallow ponds.  But in the dry season that source would dry up and required a 4 hour journey to fetch river water.  What a waste of time and energy for this community! 

But now time can again be spent on school and other productive household tasks, and families can once again drink healthy water!

Thank you Mount Pleasant!