Senya Secondary School Latrine Project

Senya Secondary School Latrine Project

Latrine Project

We are very happy now to see some progress reports on this last project for the school, we know that this will make a difference for the children of Senya Secondary and we certainly appreciate all of you who put work into this very worthwhile project.  Thank you to the teachers here in Canada who allowed us to talk to your students about world water and sanitation issues and thank you to all you churches and sunday school teachers who presented our project to your classes.  And an especially large thank you to you children who skillfully worked so hard at making the fundraising cans and took those home to fill them up with toonies, without every one of your efforts this would have not been possible.

For a school of almost 2000 high school students the latrine for the girls was certainly in need of an upgrade.  Here is few pictures of our fundraisers and a pic of what the Senya girls were having to use prior to yours and our involvement.

As of today this “toonies4toilets” project is totally completed and has been handed over to the school for use, here are a few pics of the process