Baau Village

Baau Village

Baau Village Water Well Complete

We are very happy to announce the successful completion of the deep borehole water well project, thank you to all of those who have contributed to this very important work

Baau now has water!  The life of Baau residents has changed!

If you remember this community was walking very long distances (15 kms one way) everyday to fetch the water needed for their households, from information given to us by Rev Garang of “Christ Mission to the World” that water source dried up and below is a picture of the water they were currently having to use, this was again a long distance from the village.

Should be noted that this well doesn’t  just serve the village of Baau, since its completion word has spread and now people from far off villages now walk to this well for clean water.

A committee has been formed in order to look after the water well and any maintenance that may be required down the road.  All who travel to Baau will be able to use this water and no one will be turned away.

In total this well will provide water for an estimated 2500 people from a 4 hour radius of the village of Baau

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