Something to smile about!

Something to smile about!

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the students at Fort McMurray Christian School during the 2022-2023 school year, four communities are filled with people who have something to smile about – clean, close water!

Water sources before the repairs.

Wishwanadapuram Harijanawada

Drilled by the local government in 2009, this well provided clean water for the Wishwanadapuram Harijanawada community until February 2022.  Since the government has not had the budget for the repair, the villagers were walking 3 km to pull water from and agricultural bore well.  But now, the daily hours spent walking have been returned to them.


The community of Sanjeevanagar also had a well drilled by the local government in 2010 which worked for 12 years, but with wear and tear the well stopped working.  But now their water source has been repaired and the community no longer faces this shortage of water.

S.R. Peta

Although the community has 2 small water tanks, the government only supplies water once every 3 days, and it is not enough to meet their needs.   This has been an issue for this community of 1220 people since September 2022.  The original well was put in by the local church, but they were not financially able to do the required repairs.  But thanks to the efforts of Fort McMurray Christian school, they once again have enough water for all their daily needs.


For the 925 people in Mulapaku, when their well stopped working in 2022. their water source became water taps which only provided water once in 4 days.  Drilled by an NGO in 2015, the NGO is no longer working in their region so was not able to provide the funds for the repair.  But the well has now been repaired, once again providing sufficient and clean water to the community.