Three more!

Three more!

We are happy to continue our partnership with the Rural Development Society of India in their service to remote villages with marginalized communities, in bringing clean water!



Although the local government provided this well in 2015, it stopped working in June 2022 and had not yet been repaired.  Repairing this well for the 1,340 residents of this community is life changing!


A well drilled by a private organization in 2012 brought clean water to the community, but when it stopped working in October 2022, this community of 1,260 were not able to repair it.  They began using water from an overhead tank in the area, but due to power cuts causing poor water supply, they have been facing a shortage of water.  But thanks to generous donations, we have been able to get their well repaired!


This well was drilled in 2007 but has not been working since April 2022.  With the well no longer working, the 986 residents of the community were drawing water from an agricultural bore-well which only worked when there was power for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night.  Now, they can return to healthy schedules!