Wunliet Water Well Rehabilitation

Wunliet Water Well Rehabilitation

We are happy to announce that the first water well rehab project is now complete!

Wunliet village now has clean water again and its all thanks to our generous supporters.  For years this well was not functioning and the people of Wunliet had to go to their old contaminated water source which was miles away.

Here are some pictures of the work that was completed

There are many reasons why a water well will stop working and a failed foot valve (see pic below) is often one of them.  When our team at CMTTW rehabilitates a well all the interior components are checked and if failing are replaced.  All exterior components are also inspected and new parts are used to replace wear components,  Depending on the aquifer a typical water well will work for approximately 5 years before components start to fail but it isn’t unusual for a well to have issues before that.  This is one of the reasons why we must work with locals who have their eyes on the water wells continuously and this is also why having a water well rehabilitation team able to perform these tasks is critical.


We perform many rehabilitation projects (many not posted on our website) as there are many water wells that other organizations have drilled that have broken down over the years.  As we all work together to help villages like Wunliet, we feel it an honour to partner with them in this way.

Thank you to all of those, whether independent giver or school class, who have contributed to projects like this.  May you be richly rewarded for your efforts of compassion!